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2017 in Review: My best year yet!

Looking back on 2017, I can honestly say it was my best year to date. Granted it had many challenges, but it was the year I grew exponentially as a person, as a leader, and as Iman. It was also a year of many firsts.

Here’s a look at some of the top highlights of 2017:

  • I visited 4 countries, 3 of which were completely new (the UK, France, and Tanzania)

  • I did my first podcast, read more about my interview with Afracanah here

  • Had the opportunity to speak at 4 different conferences in Europe and Africa

  • Judged my first two startup pitch events

  • Got appendicitis and as a result completely changed my eating and cooking habits. Became a vegetarian/borderline vegan

  • Lost 18lbs as a result!

  • Got connected to a church that brought community and a much needed refreshing into my spiritual world

  • Learned that teams follow the behavior of their leader, and that leadership is about action and less about what you say

  • Completed a School of Leadership

  • Started leading a connect group, focused on developing relationships & building people

  • Shot 2 weddings

  • Started posting publicly on social media, which I hadn’t felt comfortable doing for awhile but had also wanted to start for a long time

  • Visited 5 different places in Kenya with friends

  • Intentionally built deeper relationships with people around me

Given all of these varied things that took place across many different areas of my life, professionally, spiritually, and personally, I am very excited about what 2018 has in store for me. Look forward to speaking, travelling, and making more meaningful impact in 2018. Bring it on!

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