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Top 7 things I learned about entreprenurship during the year after winning the Hult Prize

1. People are the engines that power business

Talent is the most important aspect in a business, in addition to passion and having one vision. If you don't have the right people, you don't have anything.

2. Relationships are important

Spend time cultivating and developing them, because they they take time to build. Relationships, both in business and personally will be the key to your growth and to you moving forward.

3. Always trust your gut

Even if other people doubt you, that still-small-voice is almost always right 99% of the time. Down the line you will see that gut feeling was right from the beginning.

4. Trust your voice

You are valuable and have something to say. You contribute a different perspective to the team, that wouldn't have been there if you weren't present. Trust what you have to say and use it to make a positive impact.

5. Learn how to pick your battles

Everything's not worth arguing over. Learn to choose when to strategically engage and when to be quiet. Your sanity will thank you later.

6. You need a team

One person can't run a business alone. Multiple people are needed to get everything done. Spend time building a strong team.

7. There are idea people and execution people

Idea people generate the plan and strategy and execution people implement it. Sometimes one person has both ends of the spectrum, but often it's one or the other (or one is more strongly weighted). It's vital to have both, you need both of them. value both contributions.


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