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About Iman Cooper

Visionary Leader. Innovative Change-Agent. Solutions Architect. Encourager.

I have 13+ years of leadership experience--leading diverse teams around the globe, building strategic initiatives, programs, and companies across tech, education, startups, ministry, nonprofits, and accelerators, in small to large organizations.


I'm an award-winning serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and facilitator. I won President Clinton's $1M Hult Prize in 2016, co-founded BuuPass, and built partnerships with Safaricom and Kenya Railways that scaled the company to 1M+ users in under 3 years. 

I'm trained in conflict resolution, coaching, inner healing, leadership development, and organizational development. My gifting is a unique mix of coaching, advising, and consulting. 

I've worked in some of the most toxic cultures; and I've also been privileged to learn from (and work with!) some of the world's healthiest leaders. As a result, I'm passionate about designing cultures and communities where everyone can thrive. Life is too short to work in a toxic environment, that you hate!  


My own 10-year emotional health, inner healing, and personal development journey enables me to coach leaders on how to heal the deep places of their heart, so that they can lead from a place of wholeness, empathy, alignment, and true identity.


My purpose is to help leaders know who they are at a deep heart level, equipping them to lead from a place of spiritual alignment and wholeness. Leaders are empowered to lead well, only when they are the best versions of themselves, first.

 The prophetic -- divine intelligence --  is key to how I advise leaders, develop scaling strategies that last and build a legacy, and bring organizational health and well-being to teams and organizations.

I bring out the best in you, the leader, so you are equipped to bring out the best in your people. Are you ready for your upgrade? Let's work together!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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