About Iman Cooper

Visionary Leader. Innovative Change-Agent. Solutions Architect. Encourager.

I have over 10+ years of leadership experience--leading diverse teams around the globe, building strategic initiatives and companies in tech, education, startups, ministry, and marketing in small to large organizations. I'm an award-winning serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and facilitator. 

I'm trained in conflict resolution, coaching, leadership development, and organizational development. My gifting is a unique mix of coaching, advising, and consulting. 

I've worked in some of the most toxic cultures; and also learned from some of the world's healthiest leaders. As a result, I'm passionate about designing cultures and communities where everyone can thrive. The prophetic is key to how I operate, build, and bring organizational health and well-being to leaders, teams, and organizations.


My purpose is to help leaders know who they are at a deep heart level and heal from past trauma, equipping them to lead from a place of spiritual alignment and wholeness. Leaders are empowered to lead well, only when they are the best versions of themselves, first.

I bring out the best in you, the leader, so you are equipped to bring out the best in your people. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.