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I work with organizations and personal brands.

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  • Facilitator or Pitching Coach

  • Strategy and Program Design

  • Business Advisor

  • Branding Specialist

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Pitching & Facilitation

As an award-winning entrepreneur, Iman has pitched in several startup competitions and designed more decks than she can count. She crafted the pitch that won her team the $1M Hult Prize.  They came in 2nd place at Seedstars Nairobi, as well as placing in the top 10% of Y combinator applications. She also pitched to top investors in Silicon Valley as part of Google for Entrepreneurs' Blackbox program.  Now she helps other founders and leaders craft the perfect pitch. 

Iman mentored Roshni Rides on their pitch and storytelling, who eventually also went on to win the Hult Prize in 2017. Most recently, Iman facilitated sessions at the Africa Yes accelerator program in Nairobi. 3 of the 5 teams selected to receive grant funding and support from the funding organization, had received one-on-one coaching from Iman.  

Iman is known as a facilitator that brings energy and creativity to help people look at old problems in new ways. Her workshops are marketed by engaging, fun, and tailored activities that help people personalize it to their situation, where participants leave feeling energized with practical steps to help them apply the teaching to their own lives. 

​Iman has facilitated 15+ sessions in Nairobi, the US, and Nicaragua on:

  • My Entrepreneurship Journey - the Journey to Winning $1M

  • Power in Pivoting and how to Cultivate an Innovation Mindset 

  • Pitching and Storytelling - How to Craft a Winning Pitch

  • How to Lead from a place of Health, not Hustle 

  • The Power of Vulnerability in Leadership 

  • Hearing from God for yourself and others

  • God in Business 

Strategy and Program Design

Iman is great at asking the right questions that point to the longevity and sustainability of a business in the longterm. Her strength is seeing the gaps in your business and generating solutions to proactively address your weaknesses so that they stop being vulnerabilities and instead turn into strengths in your strategic plan. She has designed and created programs, including curriculums, evaluations, and user testing in the areas of education, employee engagement, and accelerators.

  • Discovering your product-market fit

  • Strategies for scaling- how to take your organization to the next level, through simplifying the product, increasing the overall user experience and implementing structures to scale. 

  • Partnership Development - identifying opportunities and strategy to onboard new partners 

  • Program Redesign- improving your program's structure for more effectiveness and efficency 


Iman is a storyteller. branding is essentially the story you are telling about your organization. What main message do you want to get across to your audience? How do you want them to feel when they interact with you? What is your bigger picture, the why that's driving your vision? Iman will help you sort that out and clarify your vision. She leads you through a branding workshop, to help you identify your brand personality, understand your values - what makes you tick as a company or organization, and craft your mission and vision in a clear and compelling way. She works with both companies and people on their personal brand. 

Speak to Iman about any of the following services. We will create a package that helps you tell your story in a powerful visually compelling way!

  • Branding Workshop 

  • Content Creation - for social media or blogs 

  • Personal Branding Photography packages

  • Website creation 

Interested? Have a complimentary 30 minute consult with Iman and see how she can help!

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Consultancy: About

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