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Hult Prize Challenge 2016:

CROWDED URBAN SPACES: Develop a product or service to better connect to goods, services, and resources.

Hult Prize Journey: Headliner
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About the Hult Prize

The Hult Prize is the world's largest student business competition. They help students become social entrepreneurs by solving some of the world's most pressing issues. In 2016  when we competed, there were  25,000+ applicants from around the world. Formerly sponsored by President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative, it's now in partnership with the UN. 


Winning the $1M Prize

After first failing at the campus round, her team went back to the drawing board, did more research and pivoted.  reapplying and advancing to the global finals with 5 other teams. After a year-long process, in Sept.2016 they won the prestigious prize of $1M to launch their business, formerly known as Magic Bus Ticketing, which is now BuuPass. Awarded by President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative.


Moving to Kenya

After winning, she moved to Kenya to launch BuuPass, a digital marketplace for booking bus and transport tickets. For the past three years, she served as the CMO and co-founder of BuuPass, helping the company grow and scale to 300,000 users in six months. 

BuuPass has reached 700k users to date and booked over 1M train tickets. 

Hult Prize Journey: Projects
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