Hello fellow leader,
I'm glad you're here.

Leaders solve problems all day long. They are the strategic thought partner to many. It's innate to leadership. I know --I've been there. 


But who do they turn to, when they need help solving their own problems?

Whether it's with work -- concerning team culture, unhealthy organization dynamics, etc-- or personally --overcoming their limiting beliefs about their own leadership ability, juggling life responsibilities --leaders can't talk to their team or peers about everything they are carrying or how to solve them. This can feel isolating, overwhelming, and frustrating. 


They need a safe space where they can process, unravel their inner thoughts, get fresh perspective and vision, and excavate any roadblocks getting in their way.

They turn to me.

The Strategic Thought Partner for Leaders

I help leaders process what is getting in their way mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, causing hindrance to them moving forward in the direction they want to go. I am a safe place for leaders, executives, and thought leaders to be seen, heard, and express what's truly on their hearts and mind. I act as a sounding board - a strategic thought partner if you will--for all the ideas bouncing around in your head that need a confidential place to land and be explored fully without a filter.


Using a mixture of wisdom, thoughtful questions, coaching, and advising, I help you get cosmic clarity on your next steps. I have been advising senior leaders and organizations for the past 10 years, helping them walk away with a deeper conviction of their personal vision and mission.


My superpower is distilling the complex into simple, practical steps forward. I see the strategies you don't see, that you need to expand your impact, increase your reach, and generate sustainable profits. 


Leadership can be lonely at the top–but it doesn't have to be. You've tried unraveling all the thoughts and ideas on your own, but it's not working. You are not designed to be your own best thought partner. That's where I step in.  


Book a strategic thought partnership session today and experience the power of clarity and wisdom to get you unstuck and moving forward. Walk away with practical wisdom and personalized strategies to overcome in every area so you can execute with clarity, decisiveness, and vision.


I deeply believe in you. 

Book a Strategic Thought Partner
Coaching Session

Who is it for?

Leadership coaching and executive masterminding for leaders, founders, and executives looking for clarity and strategic direction in their life and business. 

Investment: $300 per session

Hear What Leaders are Saying

"Believe it or not, I do have a marketing coach (already). But I like the granularity of your questions in terms of whom I am really trying to reach. I thought I had found my niche, but clearly, from your questions, I need to niche down further.


I get so much clarity from you. For some reason Iman, as I’m talking to you, I’m getting more and more clarity. So I’m just going to keep talking. You just have that special Midas touch, Iman"

(voice note from a client)-

>Dr. Bola Tafawa, Heritage Connection, Advisor and Coach to Ultra-High Worth African Entrepreneurs 

“I will say jokingly –the only reason Iman is available for your hire is that Covid cut our budget. Otherwise, I would have never ever ever let go of Iman Cooper. She is incredible. She’s incredible at social media, with organizing things–she’s a great thinker. She’s always 10 steps ahead. She’s just amazing. She has an amazing set of skills –she’s an incredible photographer, she builds websites, some graphic stuff – she did the logo for my personal brand. Then she helped us with brand development for my organization - I have an international non-profit organization. She just gets it. She really works hard to hear you. She listens very well. She hears your heart. She works hard to get the heartbeat of the organization. She goes above and beyond."

> Dr. Sherri Lewis, Author, Speaker, Founder, and Director, Bethel-Atlanta Africa

"Talking to you is better than therapy"

>Nick Johnstone, Meta developer