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Hello fellow leader,
I'm glad you're here.

Leaders are the strategic thought partner to *everyone else*.


But who do you turn to, when you need help solving your own problems? Oftentimes, no one. 


This can feel isolating, overwhelming, and frustrating. But it doesn't have to. 

Leaders turn to me: their Strategic Thought Partner


I provide a safe space for leaders & executives to process messy, toxic, or complex challenges. Or perhaps you want to take your leadership to the next level, and want to discover your true superpowers and know who you really are, at a deep heart level. 

  • Experience cosmic clarity of vision

  • Get emotional, mental, and spiritual strategies to obliterate your roadblocks

  • Learn how to lead wholeheartedly

  • Be celebrated in who you are as a leader

I specialize in helping leaders find solutions to:

  • Leading in an authentic, aligned, empathetic way

  • Messaging: Packaging & Positioning offers

  • Toxic, complex, unhealthy organization dynamics with bosses, peers, board members, or employees

  • Scaling your impact, revenue, and reach through optimizing people, systems, and processes

I also can help you:

  • Discover what type of leader you want to be

  • Identify your personal genius zone & life mission, so you can lead from your identity & heart

  • Pinpoint and overcome limiting beliefs 

  • Incorporate rest and balance

  • Learn how to be more emotionally in tune as a leader


I act as a sounding board - a strategic thought partner if you will--for the ideas that need a confidential place to be explored fully without a filter.


Experience the power of clarity and wisdom to get you unstuck and moving forward so you can execute with clarity, decisiveness, and vision.

So, how can I help?


You're probably wondering if a coaching and advising session with me could help you, let me ask...

  • Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of, but also who is wholeheartedly FOR you?  

  • Someone who's not your best friend, not your employee, and not just going to tell you what you want to hear. You're ** looking for a "Yes Man".

  • You want someone to think strategically with, to vision with, whileNOT at the same time not crushing your big idea and dreams.

You've come to the right place.

  • You're a big-picture thinker, an innovator, a high-level leader, a successful entrepreneur, an executive, a pioneer, or an Apostolic CEO and you need help solving complex problems, that not everyone can understand.  

  • You need someone who will listen deeply, unearthing the heart of the matter while also challenging you to see new perspectives AND encouraging you to keep chasing after your big, world-changing vision.  

​If this sounds like you, then you are my people. 


I breathe life and hope into

the big dreams ruminating inside of you.

I am a vision amplifier & a solutions architect.

I'm brilliant at sharing spiritual, intuitive strategies that will help you practically move forward with massive clarity.

  • Know what to do, who to bring on board (and not!) to help bring your vision to life, and how to position your idea for maximum scale and impact. 

Meet your Coach + Advisor

Iman cooper

I have over 10+ years of leadership experience-- leading diverse teams around the globe, in tech, education, startups, ministry, and marketing in small to large organizations. 

I am trained in conflict resolution, coaching, leadership development, and organizational development. 

I have worked in some of the most toxic environments; and have also learned from some of the world's healthiest leaders how to maximize your leadership, from the inside out. My gifting is a unique mix of coaching, advising, and consulting. 


My emotional health, healing, and personal development journey over the past 10 years enable me to coach leaders into leading from a place of wholeness, balance, and identity.  

I'm excited to help you discover the gold within. I deeply believe in you. 

Book your Session

What is it?


1:1 executive masterminding for leaders, successful entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and founders

Receive wisdom, strategic prophetic insight, & clarity

in your relationships, systems, and processes for your


Each session is a mixture of coaching, advising, and consulting.

Use this to see if we are a good fit for each other, for a longer 6-12 month advising relationship. 

What you will get:

  • Recording of our coaching session

  • Personalized strategic action plan within 72 hours

Investment: $500 per session

What Leaders Are Saying:

"Believe it or not, I do have a marketing coach (already). But the granularity of your questions in terms of whom I am really trying to reach is different from anything I've ever heard before. I thought I had found my niche, but clearly, from your questions, I need to niche down further.


I get so much clarity from you. For some reason, as I talk to you, I always just get more and more clarity. You have that special Midas touch, of asking the right questions that bring clarity."

>Dr. Bola Tafawa, Heritage Connection, Advisor to Ultra-High Net Worth African Entrepreneurs 

“Iman is incredible with organizing things–she’s a great thinker. She’s always 10 steps ahead. She just gets it. She really works hard to hear you. She listens very well. She hears your heart. She works hard to get the heartbeat of the organization. She goes above and beyond."

> Dr. Sherri Lewis, Author, Speaker, Founder, and Director, Bethel-Atlanta Africa

"Talking to you is better than therapy"

>Nick Johnstone, Meta developer

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