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Hello fellow leader,
I'm glad you're here.

When you begin to do by intention what you've done by intuition, you achieve acceleration. - Graham Cooke

Leaders are the strategic thought partner to *everyone else*.


But who do you turn to, when you need help solving your own problems? Oftentimes, no one. 


This can feel isolating, overwhelming, and frustrating. But it doesn't have to. 

Leaders turn to me: their Strategic Thought Partner & Advisor


Often, our hearts need a safe space to first process what's going on within us, before we can unlock the divine strategies inside of us that move us forward.


I am a safe space for leaders & executives to process the hard things or messy places inside of you that are keeping them stuck. If you want to take your leadership to the next level, desire to unlock your true superpowers with specificity, and know who you really are, at a deep heart level ---then I am for you. 

  • Experience cosmic clarity of vision

  • Get emotional, mental, and spiritual strategies to obliterate your roadblocks

  • Learn how to lead wholeheartedly

  • Be celebrated in who you are as a leader

I specialize in helping leaders find solutions to:

  • Identity:  WHO you are created to be & THE WAY you are designed to build, lead, and create as a pioneer

  • Innovation & Continual Process Improvement: Let's uplevel your systems, culture, onboarding, and processes. Go from good to GREAT & better to BEST!

  • Packaging & Positioning offers

  • Complex, or challenging organizational dynamics with bosses, peers, board members, or employees

  • Scaling your impact, revenue, and reach through optimizing people, systems, and processes

I'll help you:

  • Discover what type of leader you want to be

  • Identify your personal genius zone & life mission, so you can lead from your identity & heart

  • Pinpoint and overcome limiting beliefs 

  • Incorporate rest and balance

  • Learn how to be more emotionally in tune as a leader


I act as a sounding board - a strategic thought partner if you will--for the ideas that need a confidential place to be explored fully without a filter.


Experience the power of clarity and wisdom to get you unstuck and moving forward so you can execute with clarity, decisiveness, and vision.

So, how can I help?
I help leaders do by intention what they've been doing intuitively - 
so that they can be highly effective. 


You're probably wondering if coaching and advising with me is what you need...

  • Wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of, but also who is FOR you-- who has your best interest in mind?  

  • Someone who's not your best friend, not your employee, and not just going to tell you what you want to hear. You're *NOT* looking for a "Yes Man".

  • You want someone to think strategically with, to vision and dream big with, without crushing your big supernatural ideas.

You've come to the right place.

  • You're a big-picture thinker, an innovator, a high-level leader, a successful entrepreneur, an executive, a pioneer, or an Apostolic CEO and you need help solving complex problems, that not everyone can understand.  

  • You need someone who will listen deeply, unearthing the heart of the matter, while also challenging you to see new perspectives AND encouraging you to keep chasing after your big, world-changing vision.  

​If this sounds like you, then you are my people. 


I breathe life and hope into

the big dreams ruminating inside of you.

I am a vision amplifier, catalyzer of purpose, & a solutions architect.

I'm brilliant at sharing spiritual, intuitive strategies that will help you practically move forward with massive clarity.

  • Know what to do, who to bring on board (and not!) to help bring your vision to life, and how to position your idea for maximum scale and impact. 

Meet your Coach + Advisor

Iman cooper

I have 13+ years of leadership experience-- leading diverse teams around the globe, in tech, education, startups, ministry, and marketing in small to large organizations. 

I am trained in conflict resolution, coaching, leadership development, and organizational development. 

I have worked in some of the most toxic environments; and have also learned from some of the world's healthiest leaders how to maximize your leadership, from the inside out. My gifting is a unique mix of coaching, advising, and consulting. 


My emotional health, healing, and personal development journey over the past 10+ years enable me to coach leaders into leading from a place of wholeness, balance, and identity.


The prophetic -- divine intelligence --  is key to how I advise leaders, develop scaling strategies that build a legacy, and bring organizational health and well-being into teams and organizations. 

I'm excited to help you discover the gold within. I deeply believe in you. 

Book your Session

What is it?

Each session is a mixture of coaching, advising, and consulting.

Use this to see if we are a good fit for each other, for a longer 12-month advising relationship. 

What you will get:

  • Recording of our coaching session

  • Personalized strategic action plan within 72 hours

Investment: $1,500 per session

Need Deeper Transformation? Let's work together longer!

Prophetic advising & coaching engagements

Are you ready to go all-in on your calling? You're realizing you need more than just one Strategic Coaching Session.


You want a Strategic Thought-Partner on your personal team, that you can go to and access on a regular basis, for all of your strategic and heart needs. 

Let's work together longer!


That's exactly why I designed these annual coaching and advising engagements. 

You get me as your wise counsel: the one you process with, strategize with, and receive wisdom from, for all areas that impact your life, leadership, or business. 

Think of me as your personal strategic life advisor. Entering into a coaching and advising relationship with me, over the course of a year will help you get cosmic clarity in these core areas:

1. Your Heart:

  • Identity & Destiny- who you are called to, what you carry, and HOW you are designed to build and operate

2. Experience Design: 

  • Packaging & Positioning Your Unique Offers, Onboarding & Client Experience, Emotional Culture of your Team

Leadership Development

  • Developing your Leadership Pipeline - learn how to invest in and develop your leaders intentionally

4. Strategies for Scale

  • Systems, Process, and Aligned Partnerships 


Who is your typical client? My people are pioneers, innovators, and Apostolic CEOs. They are the ones boldy going into new territory to build what has never been built before. They are the world-changers, the impact-makers, and the history-creators. Typically, these are 7-8 figure entrepeneurs, series A-C startup founders, executives, leaders, and movement builders. They are often in the process of building or executing something new, and may be in a transition period where what's been working, is no longer working. They need a new level of alignment, intentionality, and inner wholeness to get to the next level they are called to. They are relatively self-aware, have done a lot of the inner identity work. They may already know a bit about what they are called to, their spiritual gifts, the DISC assement, and which of the 5 Voices they are. But now they are looking for a level up, a fine-tuning, a refinement about what they already know about themselves. They place a high value on wisdom, the voice of God, and receiving wise council. They value having a strategic thought partner in their corner to help them strategize and be effective in every area of their life. They are focused on holistic well-being and building a legacy that lasts for generations.

What does it entail? If you are local to Austin, I will come to you, and meet you once a month for a half-day in an enviorment you are comfortable in, be it your home, favorite coffee shop, resturant, or co-working space. I will sit with you, hear your heart, ask questions as I am led by Holy Spirit, listen to you, uncover roadblocks and help you develop strategies to move you forward. I have a gift to help you uncover emotional, spiritual, and mental roadblocks standing in your way. I combine spiritual and practical solutions together in a way that gets you unstuck and advancing forward with speed and efficiency. Whatsapp voice note support and calls are available too, on an as-needed basis in between sessions.

How much does it cost? My fee for working with organizations as a consultant and faciliator varies, depending on the length, size and scope of the organiztion. But this 1:1 high-touchpoint, personal advising service for executives and pioneers starts at $3,500/month.

How long does it last? The standard engagement is a year. This allows us to work through the 4 Core Areas that impact your life, leadership, and business the most: 1. Heart (Identity, Destiny, Vision, Emotional Health) 2. Experience Design (Emotional Culture, Packages and Offers, Positioning & Messaging) 3. Leadership Development (Leadership Pipelines and Multiplication of leaders) 4. Strategies for Scale (Systems, Process, and Partnerships) These are the 4 main areas I help leaders upgrade their skills and authority in, although the amount of time we spend on each area varies based on where you are personally at in your process and what you already know. But the minimum engagement is a 3-month commitment, after which we can asses is if we are a good fit to work to keep working together for the full year.

How will my life change from working with you? If you are a pioneer, an innovator, and a visionary, you will get cosmic clarity of vision. Not just clarity for your next steps, but revealtion and understanding of how what you are building connects to the cosmic plan of the impact you were destined to manifest on the earth. Jereshia Hawk said that I "have the ability to see further for people, then they can even see for themselves". You will be deeply seen, known, understood and celebrated at a heart-level that you've never experienced before. You will be able to do with intention what you were only able to do by intution previously. You will be able to specifically reverse engineer the people, emotional, physical, and spiritual elments you need to function at your optimum, and you'll be able to operate with clarity and specificity around your God-given design and the way that you build as a pioneer or the way you lead as a leader. This level of alignment and refinement expontially advances and acclerates every area of your life, leadership, and business.

What differentiates you as a coach and advisor? Everything I do is heart-centered and people first.  I start with you as a person, I start with the heart. Heart-centered conversations unlock strategies.  I care about how you are doing--really, on a deep heart level, so that's what I'm going to ask about. My method is relational, conversational, and intuitive. I spend a lot of time asking you the right questions, that unlock the core desires of your heart, and help you action those big dreams, based on the specific way God has wired you to build. There are many ways to build. But *that you build matters. I help you find the way that is unique toTHE WAY* you, that God hardwired into you since the beginning of time. I'm also a Toolbox person. I have an endless supply of ideas and tools, that I retrofit to each person, helping you unlock your true identity and align with your destiny. I help you find the right tools that work for you.

Do I have to be a Kingdom leader? No, I work with high-level leaders of any background. But I am a Holy-Spirit led business advisor and coach. That is the secret sauce behind the wisdom, strategies and solutions I provide to leaders and companies.

What Leaders Are Saying:

"Believe it or not, I do have a marketing coach (already). But the granularity of your questions in terms of whom I am really trying to reach is different from anything I've ever heard before. I thought I had found my niche, but clearly, from your questions, I need to niche down further.


I get so much clarity from you. For some reason, as I talk to you, I always just get more and more clarity. You have that special Midas touch, of asking the right questions that bring clarity."

>Dr. Bola Tafawa, Heritage Connection, Advisor to Ultra-High Net Worth African Entrepreneurs 

“Iman is incredible with organizing things–she’s a great thinker. She’s always 10 steps ahead. She just gets it. She really works hard to hear you. She listens very well. She hears your heart. She works hard to get the heartbeat of the organization. She goes above and beyond."

> Dr. Sherri Lewis, Author, Speaker, Founder, and Director, Bethel-Atlanta Africa

"Talking to you is better than therapy"

>Nick Johnstone, Meta developer

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