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My name is
Iman Cooper

I'm a Creative Strategist, Builder of People, and Connector to Purpose

I'm passionate about bringing out the best in people and developing healthy leaders who cultivate environments for everyone to thrive.


Societal transformation happens when people deeply know who they are created to be, what they bring to the world, and how to execute their vision and scale their impact. 


Compelling culture is birthed when you intentionally engineer meaningful, human connection across your programs, communities, experiences, and workplace. Prophetic culture calls out the gold in people, celebrates their strengths, and creates a safe space for people to be deeply known. This is the missing key to building healthy and scaleable workplace culture, teams, and communities. 


I help Kingdom leaders, pioneers, apostolic CEOs, and entrepreneurs develop a prophetic culture within their businesses and programs. 

I am a prophetic business advisor, heart strategist, executive coach, and consultant. 

Ready to incorporate spiritual insight and wisdom into practical strategy? It's time to get aligned with your heart, and unlock the strategies of heaven for your life, leadership, and business, that build your legacy!



 Advising Packages

Are you a Spirit-led leader wanting to apply prophetic strategies and wisdom to your life, leadership, and business but in a practical way?  We'll start with a strategic coaching session, then work together in a high-touchpoint 1:1 advising container to help you align with the deepest parts of your heart, identify the spiritual and emotional roadblocks, and unlock heaven's strategies to take you to the next level and scale your reach and impact.  

Prophetic Processing Consultations

Want to know what to do with your prophetic words and how to put action to them? Consultations will unearth the gold in your words, helping you identify the specific identity, commands and conditions, timing, symbols, and more found in your words (and what they mean!). Create an identity statement and plan of action from what's discovered in your prophetic words, to partner with God to see your promises and destiny come to pass. 


Culture Workshops

Ready to build a high-performance team, cultivate a deeper understanding of what motivates each team member, and build a team culture full of empathy and human-first connection? Emotional culture workshops for leaders and teams wanting to focus on leadership development, change management, customer experience, and employee experience. 



Prophetic Business Advisor & Executive Coach

I'm the Strategic Thought Partner to Leaders

High-level leadership can feel lonely and isolating.


Leaders need someone they trust to help them process their thoughts, pinpoint their leadership style, unravel organizational dynamics, and get fresh wisdom on how to lead powerfully with clarity, alignment, empathy, and vision. 

I am a sounding board for leaders in transition or dealing with complex dynamics. For the situations that feel overwhelming, murky, or just downright discouraging--I'm the safe space you've been looking for.


Using wisdom, spiritual intel, and the right questions, I get right to the heart of the matter. Then give you solutions to move you forward with decisive action. 

Walk away with cosmic clarity of vision, hope, and the relational and systematic strategies to get you unstuck! 


Sound like you? Let's talk!



Leaders around the world use the Emotional Culture Deck


in                           countries

Engineering Culture:
Building High- Performing Teams

Wondering why your team culture isn't as robust as it could be?  Wanting to build a high-performing, unified team?


The answer's simpler than you think. 


All your team-building activities have probably never covered candid conversations about the #1 key driver of behavior: EMOTIONS. 


You're not alone! Most organizations don't know how to have these conversations. Let's be honest - they can be somewhat vulnerable, awkward,  and downright uncomfortable.  


Don't know where to start? I can help!

Getting to the heart of what drives your team, IS THE KEY to making your business stand out-- if you want to attract and retain top talent in the future of work.


Toxic team culture is the #1 reason people quit (Flexjobs). 


According to HBRstudies show emotions significantly impact:

  • How people perform tasks

  • How engaged & creative they are 

  • Their commitment to their organizations

  • How people make decisions


Let me help your team have these conversations about how your people NEED to feel to be successful.

The Emotional Culture Deck: a beautifully simple card game helping teams have conversations about what really matters at work.


We'll design rituals tailored to your organization to transform how you work, creating lasting change and robust leadership development. 

Ready for your workshop? Let's co-create a team culture that *everyone* can get behind-- your people will thrive,  your productivity and profitability will increase, and you'll become scaleable, and more efficient.


As a prophetic heart strategist, I deeply care about unlocking the gold in each person -- on an individual heart level so they can personally thrive

As a culture engineer and community builder, I'm passionate about scaling your organization's impact, reach, and revenue -- to create a lasting legacy. 

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I've worked with global startups, foundations, universities, accelerators, and corporations as a speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant: 

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For some reason, talking to you always gives me so much clarity, the questions you ask help me see it from a whole new dimension. So I'm just going to keep talking and you can keep asking questions. 

Dr. Bola Tafawa, Leadership Coach and Consultant - Heritage Connection