Iman Cooper

Creative Strategist. Builder of People. Connector to Resources.

Iman Cooper is passionate about bringing out the best in people, developing leaders, and building strong teams. An award-winning entrepreneur and visionary leader with 10+ years of experience leading teams and programs around the world, she believes that people aligned to their purpose, can change the world. 



About Me

Entrepreneur. Creator. Storyteller.


Visionary Leader

I am endlessly curious about people, their stories, and new places. Always inspired by small ideas that create a big impact. The Hult Prize sharpened my strategic insight, which allows me to see problems as opportunities and I help you realize the same. My areas of expertise include training and facilitation around entrepreneurship and pitching, product-market fit, program design, and strategy to help you grow and scale your organization to the next level. 


I am passionate about helping founders and leaders build strong teams, through leadership development that helps leaders continually grow into the best version of themselves. I empower people to discover, sharpen, and fully utilize their strengths.

I believe that people matter and everyone has a role to play; it's only a matter of finding where each person best fits. Excellence is inevitable when you work around your natural gifts and strengths. My life philosophy is that every experience has a purpose and contributes to who you are and what you are called to do. Compassion and vision are my secret sauce to leadership.


My interest is developing empowered leaders who are confident in who they are; who are then able to raise up other leaders. Leaders secure in their identity are better positioned to build strong teams who relentlessly and passionately pursue the common vision, to make it become a reality. I believe problems often aren't  just problems, but simply opportunities waiting to be realized.

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I would love to help you achieve your vision.

I have worked with the following organizations: 

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Personal Branding, Pitching & Storytelling, Strategy

Iman helps individuals and organizations define communicate their story in powerful and effective ways.

Through brand  and strategy workshops, she has helped clients gain clarity on their vision, tighten their messaging, discover how to better position themselves in the market, and identify key partnerships needed to help take their organization to the next level of growth, scale and impact. By identifying the gaps in your business, whether that's tech, people, or missing offers, Iman develops strategic roadmaps to help take your organization or company to the next level.  

She has facilitated sessions for entrepreneurs and accelerators  on the power of storytelling and how to build a winning pitch. Iman helps sharpen pitches for maximum impact with your target audience. 

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Conferences, Judging and Workshop Facilitation

Iman has been the keynote speaker and a startup judge at conferences in Boston, London, Beirut, Cairo, Dubai, and Kenya reaching an audience of 1,500+ people. She speaks with passion and clarity about entrepreneurship, leadership, and building strong team culture. She has also facilitated workshops on how to craft a winning pitch. 


Iman is available to travel and speak at conferences worldwide, and virtually.

Talk to Iman about speaking at your next event!



Couples & Engagements,  Personal Branding, Lifestyle & Family

Iman Imagines Photography is one of Iman's favorite creative outlets.


She captures your authentic moments of you--being you. She is a natural light portrait photographer that works on location and is available to travel for photography sessions.

Iman loves to capture the love between couples and families in lifestyle sessions, and will capture authentic images of leaders and business owners for personal branding sessions. 


Book her for all your personal branding, couples, and lifestyle portrait needs. Contact Iman about setting up your session today! 



Working with Iman was not only enjoyable but also a very insightful process about how to think more strategically about our company. She offered us simple, yet practical tools that enabled us to now move forward on our own. We now have increased our capacity and capability of building our startup. 

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