Iman Cooper

Creative Strategist.

Builder of People.

Connector to Resources.

Iman Cooper is passionate about bringing out the best in people and developing healthy leaders who create lasting legacies.


An award-winning entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and visionary leader with diverse experience leading teams and programs around the world, she believes purpose and alignment are key to changing the world.


She helps leaders develop their people, scale their impact, and optimize their systems.



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Leadership Coaching

I'm the Strategic Thought Partner to Leaders

High-level leadership can feel lonely and isolating.


Leaders need someone they trust to help them process their thoughts, pinpoint their leadership style, unravel organizational dynamics, and get fresh wisdom on how to lead with clarity, alignment, empathy, and vision. 

I am a sounding board for leaders in transition or dealing with complex dynamics. For the moments that feel impossible, overwhelming, murky, dark, or just downright discouraging.

Leaders walk away with cosmic clarity of vision, hope, and relational and systematic strategies to move them forward. 


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Leaders around the world use the Emotional Culture Deck


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Culture Consultant: Building High- Performing Teams

Wondering why your team culture isn't as great as it could be?  Wanting to cultivate a high-performing, unified team?


The answer's simpler than you think. 


During all your team-building activities you probably haven't had conversations about the #1 key driver of behavior: EMOTIONS. 


  • Don't worry -- you're not alone! Most organizations don't know how to have these conversations (that can be somewhat uncomfortable, awkward,  and vulnerable). 

  • Especially, if you don't know where to start!  

Getting to the heart of what drives your team, IS KEY to driving your business forward; if you want to attract and retain top talent.


Toxic team culture is the #1 reason people quit their jobs (Flexjobs)


According to HBRstudies show the significant impact emotions have on

1) how people perform tasks,  2) how engaged and creative they are, 3) how committed they are to their organizations and 4) how they make decisions.


As people, we all have emotions (whether we choose to talk about them or not) - they are part of our design as human beings.


  • Learn how to talk about what your teams NEED to feel to be successful at work then embed that into your regular rituals to create lasting change. This is how to create a team culture that is lived out, not just talked about. 

The Emotional Culture Deck: is a beautifully simple card game to help teams have face-to-face conversations about what really matters in the workplace.

As a certified Emotional Culture Deck Practioner, I facilitate workshops helping leaders and teams co-create a team culture that *everyone* can get behind, so your company can thrive, perform better, and be more profitable.


I care deeply about unlocking the best in your people-- at an individual heart level. 

I also care about strategically scaling your impact, reach, and revenue-- for your organization's legacy and sustainability.  


About Iman Cooper

Visionary Leader. Innovative Change-Agent. Solutions Architect. Encourager.

I have over 10+ years of leadership experience--leading diverse teams around the globe, building strategic initiatives and companies in tech, education, startups, ministry, and marketing in small to large organizations. I'm an award-winning serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and facilitator. 

I am trained in conflict resolution, coaching, leadership development, and organizational development. My gifting is a unique mix of coaching, advising, and consulting. 

I have worked in some of the most toxic environments; and have learned from some of the world's healthiest leaders. The most valuable aspect of my leadership process has been the emotional health, healing, and personal discovery/personal development journey I've been on for the past 10 years.


As a result, I have a high value for helping leaders know who they are at a core level, heal, and be able to lead wholeheartedly from a place of health and wholeness. I believe leaders are only equipped to lead well when they are the best versions of themselves.


 Using the tools and wisdom I've learned, I help leaders develop their own self-awareness and EQ so that they can lead from a place of alignment, integrity, and identity from their zone of genius. Then they're equipped to empower others to also lead from their strengths. 


I am passionate about bringing out the best in you--(the leader!)--so that YOU are empowered to bring out the best in your teams.

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I've worked with global startups, foundations, universities, accelerators, and corporations as a speaker, facilitator, entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant: 

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For some reason, talking to you always gives me so much clarity, the questions you ask help me see it from a whole new dimension. So I'm just going to keep talking and you can keep asking questions. 

Dr. Bola Tafawa, Leadership Coach and Consultant - Heritage Connection